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Research Focus Area : Offshore Wind Power

Virginia's abundant supply of offshore wind and wave energy can be tapped to generate electricity. Offshore winds specifically are stronger and steadier than winds over land. Also, there appear to be fewer environmental issues with offshore wind farms.

The VCERC wind group was asked to do relevant research and prepare a report detailing all the factors related to offshore wind farm development. Those factors include:

  • wind resource
  • foundation
  • stakeholder concerns (shipping lanes, military areas, etc)
  • sub-station locations
  • turbine construction sites
  • supply chain
  • job creation

The report essentially will show what a wind farm off the coast of Virginia might look like, what the wind resource is, where it could be, what the environmental effects to consider are, what are the economic effects and how would it be built.

Scientists, engineers and geographers at Virginia Tech - Advanced Research Institute, Old Dominion University, Science Applications International Corporation, Paliria Energy, Norfolk State University and James Madison University are doing this research.

The research was initially divided up into three areas:

  • Offshore wind power
  • Mapping offshore areas
  • Economic development impact

If you need more information about offshore wind farms feel free to contact one of the scientists or engineers below.

VCERC Expertise Guide- Wind

Larry Atkinson, ODU Climantology of Coastal Waters
David Basco, ODU Coastal Engineering
Shirshak Dhali, ODU Atmospheric Pressure
Jim Durand, UVA Wind Turbine Systems
Tal Ezer, ODU Numerical Ocean Models
George Hagerman, VT-ARI
Carl Hobbs, VIMS
Sarah Karpanty ,VT
John Klinck, ODU Analytical/Numerical Models
Eric Loth, UVA Morphing Segmented Wind Turbine
Remy Luerssen,JMU Mapping
Guillaume Martinat, ODU Turbulent Flows
Jon Miles, JMU Wind Measurements
Ken Newbold, JMU Research Development
Neil Rondorf ,SAIC Ocean Renewable Energy
Matt Unger, VT
Gary Whaley, NSU
Tim Wilkins, Paliria
James Wilson, JMU


Research Focus Areas: Biodiesel ~ Economic ~ Mapping ~ Wind

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